Upcoming game session


Participate in a Freshbiz simulation workshop and you will develop capabilities and skills required to stay up-to-date and bring a positive impact to the future of our Planet.


Experiencing a three-hour play session of the FreshBiz game will help you to mark the X on your map and find your unique way to a life you’ve always wanted.

The FreshBiz game or simulation workshop will show you in practice how to read the map, equip yourself with the vision to spot both opportunities and threats, and with the sword to fight your inner and outer dragons, so you can build the bridges, create opportunities, and reach your ultimate destination.

Acting according to the entrepreneurial mind-set will create a new path to a personal growth and happiness that is unique to your circumstances.


  • You tune your mind-set according to new rules of doing business.
  • You will rethink your entire approach to life and resources you have at your disposal.
  • You will get directions on how to enjoy a success in business while also enjoying a deep sense of meaning and a high quality of life.
  • You will get inspired to spot endless options and become flexible.
  • You will enhance your life, and also the life of people around you, your customers and even your competitors.
  • You will start thinking outside of the box.

Freshbiz is much more than a board game. It includes personal guidance, coaching, and life hacking. Freshbiz is also a great simulation tool. Research in place and simulations are the perfect tools to start sharpening your soft skills and experience an entrepreneurial mind-set while playing. Freshbiz will give you a very precise idea of what should be improved for your next big leap.

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