Freshbiz reading club

Freshbiz club Montreal

The Freshbiz reading club is an international club of professionals united by their desire to keep developing their skills, overpass their limits and get ready for the next big leap in their lives regardless of their field of operation and age.

Access to new ideas and motivation are the most powerful forces for improving our lives.

The discussions are guided by facilitators. During the Freshbiz reading club meetings we discuss a book on advanced practices in personal and business development, elaborate (or adjust if necessary) the steps to implement the proposed practices and techniques in our day-to-day life, and monitor the experience.

Here are some examples of the subjects within the wide spectrum we cover: leadership, emotional intelligence, marketing, strategy, blogging, self-management, team building, technologies, best practices, innovative business models, website management, biographies and so on.

These are some more reasons why you will find it useful to attend the Freshbiz reading club:

  • gain more knowledge on your own;
  • keep going to improve your life;
  • develop insights, ideas, and a clearer understanding that makes you stand out from others;
  • think in ways that others do not;
  • be aware of bestsellers, read them regularly and absorb the information;
  • free your mind to become more creative when it comes to solving problems;
  • instead of just accepting what it is, you will start thinking about what could be.

The Freshbiz reading club meetings are free of charge.

To get where you want to be, you  need to break the barrier in your mind from thinking like the average person. Getting outside the boundaries of your head by reading and validating will open new options. You may discover ways you haven’t thought of to get you where you want to be. Starting today, make the choice to be better day by day. Read more and you will do it!

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