“To reach your goal you need to put your ladder on the right building. Play the Freshbiz game to figure it out how to contrive that.”

– Amy Elkafas, Sr Officer, Organizational capacity development

“No one can predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone ten years from now. That’s a problem when your plans and goals depend on things completely outside of your locus of control.  What can you do to prepare for an uncertain future?  Live the Freshbiz simulation session! When playing the game we were constructing a series of hypothetical situations, then mentally simulating what you would do if they occurred. You may not be a seer, but counterfactual simulation gives you a powerful capability: imagining things that might occur, then figuring out what you’d do if they did.”

– Ennio Vita-Finzi is a multinational executive, entrepreneur, a College lecturer, keynote speaker and author based in Montreal

“I studied business sciences at the University, but I never had a chance to really practice entrepreneurship. Before it was scaring for me to start my own business, now all the fears are gone. I want to help people and develop my full potential.”

– Dora Rodriguez, medical researcher, Montreal

“It was another demonstration that we must help each other in order to succeed. Miracles come when you start breaking old beliefs and stereotypes. I feel as a creator now and do not want to postpone launching my own project.”

– Natalya Sinitsyna, housewife, Montreal

“I had a great experience playing FreshBiz! This game definitely opens your eyes about today’s entrepreneurship. I highly recommend it for a team building as well.”

– Steve Daniel,  founder of MTL  Promos, Toronto