When people do become free

Freedom meaning

We integrate “freedom” in our lives depending on our background and achievements. There are two ways for us to free ourselves: physically and mentally. The typical response to the question “What freedom means to you?” is as follows. For most people “freedom” is limited to its physical aspect – just doing or having whatever is desired, working fewer hours and having more free time, living separately from parents, and rarely following a dream.

A more profound understanding of “freedom” is limited by the religious vision of a person and / or government interventions. Governments controlling individuals through economic commands end up hurting individuals and taking away their essential freedom of choice and more explicitly abusing their mental freedom.

Just check if the following attributes apply to you:

  • You are not open to other cultures. You divide people by race.
  • You judge other people by their appearance. You are moved by looks and values are too unimportant for you to be noticed.
  • You are skeptical about passion and self-love. You are shy to say “I like” or “I love”. You are trained to sacrifice yourself and enjoy suffering blindly.
  • You do not see value in your personal development.
  • You avoid personal responsibility by criticizing and blaming others
  • You follow traditions, beliefs, and dogmas without questioning and testing them
  • You are incredibly attached to your community, and you feel lost when separated from it
  • You refuse to embrace change (you see the world in a static condition) and see your future as already predetermined
  • You are limiting yourself from experiencing new things and closed to innovation.
  • You think that a man and a woman should always play their traditional roles. In your society women are excluded from politics.
  • In your country, entrepreneurs are seen as rebels by nature.
  • You are very materialistic. To be surrounded by rich people is one of your top priorities.
  • Your self-esteem depends on how expensive are the clothes you are wearing today and if you are getting promoted to a higher position.
  • Intuitively you tend to be under the power of a strong leader.
  • You become happy when getting access to more money because you judge happiness by what you possess.
  • You are very proud. And when your counterparty gives you a choice and shows flexibility, you become suspicious and see it as a weakness.
  • You prefer not to ask for help and avoid helping others.
  • You act as you know everything. You would never admit that you do not know something.
  • It is a sin for you to disagree with parents or elder people.
  • You take criticism deadly seriously.
  • You resist permanently to new ideas
  • It is hard for you to relate to other people.
  • It is hard for you to collaborate with partners and colleagues.

Even though these signs are very subtle, they do reveal the religious vision of a person, the limits of his perspectives and even worse can make him dependent or depressed.

Mental freedom is much more critical in our lives. Can mental freedom be also limited by governments or by religious gurus? Or does being mentally free solely depend on your choice?

Probably you can become free no matter where you are. Follow this easy recipe to free yourself:

  • Lay the plans
  • Chaise your dreams, they are one heartbeat away
  • Live to be the very best
  • Want it all, there is no time for less
  • Race with destiny
  • Find yourself and be yourself
  • Be flexible and always adjust
  • See education as a lifetime experience
  • Free yourself of negativity, stress, and worries
  • Free yourself from the past
  • Travel not only to see other people’s approaches but more to feel the world
  • Each day give the best of you and continuously build a better version of yourself
  • Believe in yourself
  • See yourself as a winner for a lifetime
  • Live in a moment and feel eternity
  • Test beliefs, all the answers are up to you
  • See yourself as unique, but not alone

We can argue on the predominance of physical or mental freedom. However, by starting with freeing yourself mentally, you have more chances to achieve physical freedom as well.

Marina Belskikh, founder of International Business Development Alliance

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