Search for your life’s purpose or do what work pleases you

Search for your life's purpose or do whatever work pleases youDilemma: Should you search for your life’s purpose or do whatever work pleases you?

Are you afraid that you haven’t yet found your true purpose in life?

The fear that comes from not knowing what to do with our lives is a great source of stress. Yet some of the world’s most successful people didn’t find their true purpose until much later in life. This suggests that stressing over your “purpose” is quite pointless. Indeed, some people never find their purpose. For that reason, it’s far more important to enjoy yourself and your life and do whatever work pleases you.

Many people never realize this. They search for purpose or strive for success, and when the pressure gets too high, they try to escape. This desire to leave it all behind, disappear and start a new life is called pseudocide. But while it may be possible to start over, doing so won’t make you any happier. Your internal problems – the same stress and pressures – will still exist. So, instead of aiming to disappear, find a way to truly free yourself from the stress of life. Meditation and emotional intelligence will help you to free your mind.

— Marina Belskikh, founder of International Business Development Alliance

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