First to give or to receive?

to-give-or-receiveDilemma: Should you always give expecting to receive something in return?

In a scarce economy, as opposed to a sharing economy, the way entrepreneurs elaborate knowledge, initiate interactions with one another, support relationships, and get promoted is diametrically different.

The new economy often involves trading in things that don’t cost money. Internet empowered us. There’s no incremental cost in writing an essay, composing a song or making an introduction. Since it doesn’t cost money to expose pieces of art, we have the ability to give before we get.

The generosity economy rewards people who create and participate in circles of gifts. Not the direct “I gave you this for you to give me that”, the “give” and “receive” of a traditional economy, but instead the tribal economy of individuals supporting one another.

Tribes of talented individuals who are connected, mutually trustful and supported by one another are in a position to create a movement, to deliver items of value, to move ideas forward faster than any individual ever could.

This new approach constitutes a great leverage for entrepreneurs. In a sharing economy, you can achieve much more by giving without expecting anything in return.

— Marina Belskikh, founder of International Business Development Alliance

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