Compete or collaborate

compete-or-collaborateDilemma: Should you compete or collaborate?

Individual entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations are fed up with the dysfunctions around them and acknowledge that even their best efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected problems. They are putting aside self-interests, come together to challenge conventional wisdom and advance their shared objectives.

More and more when we ask entrepreneurs and business strategists — “Do you know your competitors?” They reply — “I don’t have any.” And it’s not a conceited statement saying that I’m at the top, but the reflection of their values which are the unquestionable foundation of the highly evolved society we are destined to become.

Competition is an unsavoury concept as it delivers a win-lose outcome. The attitude of competition cuts off the energy flow. It activates the lower energy centres governing survival and power. It invokes judgment and criticism, and puts you in a silo. It shuts you down, revealing your fear of not being good enough and a fear of scarcity (losing clients).

Collaboration creates resistance to freely communicate, exchange experiences and ideas from which we all can learn. These are more compelling reasons to cooperate with others: access to missing competencies, shared resources, shared capital risk, reduction of unit costs with greater volume, access to valuable information, combined volume for greater market power, etc.

In resolving this dilemma – compete or collaborate- remember that collaboration is also a synergy and a potential to create an ever-evolving value.

— Marina Belskikh, founder of International Business Development Alliance

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