Freshbiz reading club upcoming meeting


WHEN: the 9th of May at 18 pm.

WHERE: Anticafe 294 Saint-Catherine st. West, Montreal.

This time we will be reading and discussing the book “Zero to one”: notes on startups, or how to build the future” by Peter Thiel.

You can download the book here and start reading it.


  • 4 secrets of building a monopoly from scrath.
  • Why bad plan is better than no plan at all!
  • How to build a successful start up?
  • Why it is better to risk boldness than triviality
  • Why real innovation should be about creating monopolies, not starting a business that already exists and increasing competition.
  • Instead of disrupting markets, innovators should focus on creating new protected markets.
  • In what ways all happy companies are different? And why all faild companies are the same?
  • What is it a last mover advantage?
  • What happens when a company stops believing in secrets ?
  • 7 questions every business should answer.
  • and more.


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