FreshBiz game


Since entrepreneurship is a life-style and a mind-set we need to develop skills to create reality from our ideas. We are multi-gamers, simultaneously being inventors, marketers, coaches, parents, and friends, and we don’t really want to separate this life game into parts. We are social creatures aiming to play life with love. With competition in mind, our success becomes obscure. Making money is no longer a form of making a living. Entrepreneurship is who we are. Entrepreneurship is an approach to succeed in any project we undertake.


  • To be true to yourself, your ideas and focus on the essentials.
  • To explore entrepreneurial thinking in an entirely new way.
  • To turn ideas into reality.
  • To create winning in many dimensions with many people simultaneously.
  • To identify your unique gifts that can be leveraged to move you and others forward in life.
  • To widen your view, broaden your perspectives, and envision the total picture.
  • To see more opportunities and possibilities than what was there previously.
  • To transform things we must or must not do into things we may choose or choose not to do.
  • How to make smart partnerships to bring everyone success, results and winning through providing tremendous value all around.
  • Instead of selling, pitching, convincing, or recruiting to share a unique message and attract your ideal customers or community to you with ease.
  • To transform your community by being in the same as others around you.
  • To make people feel good when they engage in a relationship with you.
  • To widen your horizons by switching from a fixed mind-set to a growth mind-set.
  • What Participants Are Saying


Game-based learning and seminars are gaining traction, excluding fear-based games from this list, of course. Going through a Freshbiz simulation session you will have a chance to experience entrepreneurship in practice. The game will take you through a process of finding clarity on what some of the games modern entrepreneurs play look like. You will be among solution seekers, game changers, and influencers planting new seeds and creating fresh ways to play new games in our lives based on real values and real-value impact. Then you will come to the point to evaluate how it might work for you.

Our team offers three types of FreshBiz game sessions:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Global entrepreneurship

Everybody should live his life as a participant in the front row, rather than a spectator in the back row. Let’s do this thing together playing Freshbiz game!

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